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About Green Waves Design

GREEN WAVES sees architecture and nature as vehicles for improving people's lives. We work hard to ensure each sustainable and ecological project is designed in order to reach the maximum energy efficiency and the minimum carbon footprint impact.

The company was founded in 2020 in Byron Bay, Australia, with its essence in Barcelona. It has developed various types of construction knowledge such as prefabricated timber system, bamboo construction, and high-tech bioclimatic strategies with the most pure and natural materials. 

If you feel that this is your main philosophy too, work with us! Get in touch with GREEN WAVES and let's create together!

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Director of Green Waves Design

Bachelor's Degree in Architecture at International University of Catalonia - Barcelona, Spain

Spanish Registered Architect with +7 years BIM experience who is passionate about the environmental and sustainable construction, prefabricated process, eco friendly, and nearly zero impact materials.

Located in Byron Bay since 4 years, she is designing and has been collaborated in different architectural projects with local professionals around Northern Rivers, such as Zaher Architects, Tom Young Architects, Ben de Nardi Architects and SHE Architects.

With her background in Barcelona, she worked 4 years designing prefabricated timber houses, always involved in energy efficiency and bioclimatic strategies. She also fell in love with the bamboo construction in Bali and worked in a NGO in Thailand building a school with natural resources. 

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Project Lead

Bachelors and Masters degrees at the Manchester School of Architecture - Manchester, England.

Florence is a qualified British Registered Architect with keen interests in regenerative, user-focused and environmentally positive architecture. She has applied her enthusiasm for sustainability through the practical study of permaculture, biomimetics and natural building, and is a fully certified Passive House Designer.

She enjoys a design challenge as well as exploring new techniques. She won an award for her thesis, which looked at methods for creating sustainable agricultural and transport facilities using bamboo as a primary building material.

Florence has a drive for balance within architecture. Having studied and practiced in the UK for a decade, she decided to relocate to the Northern Rivers area to pursue this balance and enjoy all the best that Australia has to offer.

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Working for different Architects & Draftspersons in the Byron Shire

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Federal, NSW


Zaher is a boutique architecture firm located in the hinterland of Byron Bay who are dedicated to providing bespoke solutions that reflect the lifestyle of our clients and enhance the liveability of their homes.

SHE symbol.jpg

Federal, NSW


S.H.E Architects is a team of 3 women who are passionate about creating sustainable, functional & beautiful architecture. We each bring a diverse range of experience and professional skills from 3 different countries, having gained Architectural registration in Australia, the UK, & Spain.

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Brunswick, NSW


Building Design and Drafting company which is providing the Northern Rivers Region an affordable and reliable design services and where Ben de Nardi is the principal Architectural Draftsperson.

TYD symbol.jpg

Byron Bay, NSW


Sustainable Building Designs practice where Tom Young is the Main Draftsperson and who has worked in the area for many years.

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