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Begur, Spain

Architects: BUD Arquitectura

Clients: Ali & Tom

Builder: NOEM

Collaborations: Anna Perramon, Tallfusta

& Jordi Cuadrado

Prefabricated timber house at Costa Brava, North Coast of Catalonia. 160m2 home where the main goal was to not touch any tree and be surrounded by Nature as much as it is posible. The first floor has a living room looking at the sea views and the ground floor has the kitchen opened to the outdoor Nature, both connected with a double space.
The volume had a previous solar study in order to adopt passive strategies and achieve the best energy efficiency:
- A second ceramic skin is protecting the house from the hard solar radiation in Spain in the South façade.
- Providing thermal inertia from the underground level.
- 20cm of natural isolation (recycled wood fibers) in walls.
- Renewable energies such as heat recovery dual flow ventilation system and aerothermal heating & cooling with low temperature radiators.

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